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Wig Care (Synthetic Hair)

Most of Contrast wigs are made from synthetic fibres and when properly cared for, will give you plenty of enjoyable wear. Just follow the instructions below to get the maximum life-span and performance from your wig.


Synthetic wigs should be washed in cool or lukewarm water with a mild shampoo and conditioner. ( A teaspoon of washing detergent is actually better) Using conditioner is highly recommended to reduce tangling and for this your favourite fabric conditioner is highly recommended. Do the same as you did when washing, using cold or lukewarm water.... Do not scrub the wig, just swish it from side to side and dunk it up and down. Wigs should be hung to dry. (Synthetic wigs may also be set when wet. See Styling below.)

Once dry, spray sheen or detangling spray onto the wig and comb or brush depending on the type of wig you have (See Combing and Brushing below).


Synthetic hair wigs can be set quite easily by following these instructions:

  1. After washing, comb the hair (as instructed below) then it can be set in rollers (sponge) and setting lotion
  2. The wig may be left on a wig stand or Styrofoam head overnight or until completely dried.
  3. Once dry, take out the rollers and style the wig as desired.



HOT TOOLS MAY NOT BE USED ON SYNTHETIC WIGS. Hot blow driers, curling irons, flat irons and similar tools will melt the synthetic hair strands and ruin the wig. The only exception is use of a clothing steamer. Synthetic hair may be straightened by placing the wig on a wig stand, steaming the hair with a clothing steamer while combing the hair down.

If your wig becomes frizzy, try any sheen spray or wig spray to calm the frizziness and then comb. If not, wash it and leave it to soak in fabric conditioner for a few minutes and then blot dry... Never brush whilst wet as this may stretch the fibres and the original style my be lost forever..

Combing and Brushing

Comb or brush your wig using the following guidelines*:

Length Style Style With
Short Straight / Wavy Any combs or brushes
Short Curly Wide-toothed comb or brush out with fingers
Chin Length Straight Any combs or brushes
Chin Length Curly / Wavy Wide-toothed comb or brush out with fingers
Shoulder Length Straight Any combs or brushes
Shoulder Length Curly / Wavy Wide-toothed comb
Long / Very Long Straight / Wavy Wide-toothed comb
Long / Very Long Curly Brush out with fingers

* Important Note: Spiral curls should not be combed or brushed in any way, as this will undo the curls and they may never bounce back into their original style, just leave them to dry naturally...

Hair Products

Any hair products can be used on wigs, such as hair spray, mousse, gel, etc. since the wigs are washable and reusable as long as they dont contain oil based solutions, there are loads to chose from in Boots etc and its also a good idea not to use the Spray Aerosol hairsprays as they contain certain damaging chemical, you can get hairsprays in the pump dispenser style bottles that will be fine and dont contain as many damaging chemicals.. You may never need to spray it with anything, but if you need to experiment then please take note of the above warnings..

Wig Storage

While wigs are not in use, they may be stored in a hair net and plastic bag or on a wig stand, such as Styrofoam head.

When traveling, a styled wig may be carried in a wig box to prevent flattening.

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