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Selecting a Wig That Looks Good on You

Choosing the most appropriate hairpiece for you does not require rocket science to achieve. However, there are a number of factors to consider if you want to look best on you. Some of the elements to take into consideration include colour, thickness, texture, and style. What can be considered as the wig for you is something that emphasizes the features of your face while aiding in the concealment of your less than perfect physical attributes.

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In so saying, the very first thing that you have to do is determine the shape and size of your face. Knowing your facial contour will aid you in narrowing down your options and help you look better and more beautiful. Although a lot of faces do not fall into a single shape category, finding where your face is closest to will be the best choice for you.

An oblong face tends to draw more attention to the chin. For this, you would need a hairpiece that has a short side part and a thick brush of hair on the forehead. The asymmetric flow of hair from one side to another creates a wider view of the face, which cuts down on its lengthy look. Short curly wigs or wavy hair that reaches down to the middle of the neck balances the long facial feature.

When looking for a wig for a heart-shaped face, the goal should be to minimise the forehead width and develop a broader jaw effect. A medium-length wig would be best, something that is full at the bottom and curled on the cheeks.

If you possess a wide, circular face with full cheeks, your objective when scouting for wigs is to trim down your face size. You should choose wigs with hair brushed away from the face because this builds height eventually narrowing down the roundness of your face. Tousled side bangs can also help shorten the look of your face.

Angular jaw and square brows mean that the face is square. The perfect wig for the this is something that softens the sharp angles of the jaw lines and for that, the best selection is a wig that is an inch or an inch and a half below the chin. Avoid straight bangs because it will only accentuate the 'squareness' of the face.

    There are other facial shapes but finding the right wig for each facial cut and feature, as was mentioned, is not an exact science. You can use the information given as a guide to finding the proper wig for you in order to bring out your innate beauty.

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