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It's Almost Time for a Holiday! Are You Beauty-Ready?

Travelling is one of your life's passion. You love planning spur-of-the-moment weekend getaways and long holidays abroad, and you take every chance you get to be on the road. You love your jetsetting lifestyle, that's for sure, except for the fact that your beauty sometimes suffers because of it.

The early morning flights or red eyes make those eye bags and dark circles much more visible, the changes in the weather are taking a toll on your hair and of course, the rush that comes with travelling gives you little time to do your beauty rituals. Being a jetsetter shouldn't make you less gorgeous though because with these simple beauty tricks, you'll never have to worry about looking drab on the airport ever again:

Take care of your mane.

Let's face it; a bad hair can instantly ruin your day. Your tresses can take a lot of beating when you travel because of the sudden weather changes, constant exposure and different water temperatures. You might already be experiencing dryness or even hair loss and it could take a toll on your look if not treated right away. Use a hair loss shampoo to treat this problem and make sure to wash and treat your mane even when you're on the road. You can also invest in high quality wigs to use for those night outs when you don't have the time visit the salon or if it's too pricey to do so. Also, pack all your hair essentials—from your hair loss shampoo to your conditioner—as these products might not be available in the country you're visiting.

Pack your essentials.

Aside from hair loss tonics and other products for your hair, you also need to pack all your other essentials. What items can you not live without? Which products should you pack in your check-in luggage and which ones will you need in your hand-carry bag? You have to figure out your essentials and pack them every trip so you can maintain your beauty routine even when you're on the road.

Of course, you have to make it a point to eat right and exercise even while on your trip. Most hotels have gyms these days so you can maybe squeeze in a few minutes of workout before you head out to tour. While you can loosen up on the diet a bit to enjoy your destination's offerings, try to keep a balance of eating right and enjoying good food. If you know that you'll be eating a full lunch or dinner, then you can maybe have fruits for breakfast.

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