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Basic Information About Bristol Every Visitor Should Know

A backdrop of many TV programmes (e.g. Doctor Who, Chicken Run, Afterlife and Skins among others) Bristol and its landscape is probably all too familiar to you. The Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge and the River Avon, and the SS Great Britain docked in Bristol Harbour are just some of the many recognisable landmarks. There are a whole lot more waiting for you to personally discover and explore. So the next time you visit England, make sure to include Bristol in your itinerary. And to help you prepare for that Bristol holiday, here some of the basics you need to know about the city.


Located in the south of the country, Bristol is one of the warmest cities in the UK as well as its sunniest. Its annual mean temperature ranges from 10.2 to 12 degree Celsius, and it enjoys 1,541-1,885 hours of sunshine annually.


In the 2008 Forum for the Future's Sustainable Cities Index, Bristol was named as the most sustainable city in the whole of Britain. This was according to its environment performance, its response to climate change, the quality of life of its citizens and many other factors.


Among its population of 419,900 (as of the 2013 data), 84 percent are white, 3.6 percent are mixed raced, and 5.5 percent are Asians, 6 percent are Black, and rest are Arabs and nationalities. Quite far from London's more culturally diverse population, but becoming more open and accepting nonetheless of diversity.


Recognised as the southern region's largest centre of culture, education and employment, Bristol is famous for its music and film industries which, together with the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, helped shift the city's economy from one that's reliant on commodity trading to one that is diverse and progressive, turning many city centre docks into a heritage and cultural site.


Going to and around Bristol is easy as the city has a strong transportation system. It has two principal railway stations that accommodate high-speed trains, large bus network transporting millions of passengers daily, and friendly motorcycle lanes and routes.

Hope this info helps you plan your holiday in Bristol. Have fun!

Reliable Businesses in Brunel


7 Hope Road, Bristol, BS3 3NZ, United Kingdom    0117 300 2223

Brunel One is one of Bristol's most renowned printing companies. Specialising in commercial print, it offers a comprehensive range of online solutions for businesses that require marketing materials. Its dedicated team is well-versed in digital and litho printing, so businesses trust it to offer top-notch options, meet deadlines with fast delivery and provide a professional and friendly service. Those who are interested can learn more about Brunel One by visiting this page.


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