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A Beauty Guide for a Crazy Costume Soiree

Scenario: You have been invited to a major party.

The Problem: It is in two days.

We all may have experienced this dilemma once or twice in our lives.

For women, this is often a problem especially when she wants to make sure that she looks good on the biggest party of the year. But how can she if mountains of reports and paperwork block her way?

To solve this dilemma, we will give you practical tips to get you ready for that major party ala fairy godmother.

Say 'yes' to the dress

Plan what you will wear for the evening. If there is a theme for the event, make sure that you follow it. If there's none, pick a classic look by wearing an 80's fancy dress. What we love about a timeless look is that it is easy to style yet you will still achieve that elegance you desire.

Shortcut to sexy

If you are feeling bloated and have no time to exercise, plan a quick and easy detox diet. Whip up fruit and protein shakes that are not only healthy but also tasty. Don't forget your protein—grilled fish, turkey breast or chicken. Include a cup of steamed vegetables with your favourite nuts. Skimp on white bread, sweets, pasta or rice for the next two days. Replace coffee with green tea. Drink plenty of water during the day and you may surely fit into that ladies fancy dress you're eyeing on.

Pamper yourself

To make sure that you are looking radiant on the big night, head to the spa and get some exfoliation treatments. If you don't have the luxury of time to do that, scrub your entire body with brown sugar in the shower the night before the event. This will give you a smooth and gleaming skin to match that gorgeous 80's fancy dress. Don't not forget to put on moisturiser to keep your skin soft.

If you are having trouble with those dark and puffy eyes, put those tea bags in the fridge and put them on your eyes for 10 minutes while lying down. If you have time, get a facial. And please, get plenty of sleep. Also smoking e cigarettes is better than normal cigarettes.

Let your hair turn heads

Most women have a lot of trouble knowing what to do with their hair. Curl it? Straighten it up? For a busy woman like you, for sure you don't have the spare time to go and get a new look in the salon.

The best way to don a new hairstyle? By getting a wig! Yes, you read that right. Get a new hairstyle by choosing one of the styles here in Contrast Wigs.

Put on your favourite heels, hire a make-up artist, and get ready to spend a magical night looking good and feeling great!

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